The Village of Williamsville has a thriving village center that is among the most vibrant in Western New York. Its walkable Main Street is lined with historic commercial structures from the 19th and early 20th centuries filled with unique small businesses. In order to advance the stewardship of these structures, the Village Historic Preservation Commission requested and received a grant from the National Park Service to develop design standards for work undertaken on structures primarily along that Main Street corridor. Based on our firm’s extensive historic preservation experience, Flynn Battaglia Architects was retained to develop these design standards for the Village. The resultant document includes sections to assist homeowners with the Historic Preservation Commission approval process, an overview of how the Secretary of Interior’s Standards are applied, technical information on materials and building styles common in the Village, and sections focusing on specific building elements such as storefronts, lighting, signage, and additions.

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Williamsville Historic Landmark Design Standards
Williamsville, NY
Completed Fall 2014