The Town of Clarence is Erie County’s oldest municipality, founded in 1808, and is home to a significant number of historic barns pre-dating the 1940’s. The Town was founded with an agrarian economy and today, still prides itself on its surviving farms and its agricultural heritage. The Town is increasingly aware of the importance of retaining the wide open spaces and agricultural uses that are integral to its character.

Flynn Battaglia Architects was selected to complete a survey of 100 properties containing agricultural structures 50 years old or older, focusing specifically on the history and evolution of agriculture in the Town. FBA conducted a reconnaissance-level survey, also known as a “windshield survey” of all structures on each property to determine structural, architectural and historical integrity. FBA also met with several members of the Commission to gain deeper insights about the Town’s agricultural past.

The resulting report provided a thorough history of the Town’s development and how it impacted agricultural development, property descriptions, images and recommendations of historic significance and possible landmark designations to the Town’s Historic Commission. The selection criteria and guidelines used to determine significance are based on the Town of Clarence Historic Preservation Local Law and the National Register Criteria for Evaluation.

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Historic Resource Survey of Barns and Agricultural Structures
Town of Clarence
Clarence, NY
Completed: 2014