Completed in 1992, Bailo Hall was originally used as the Admissions Building on the scenic Niagara University Campus. The two-story stone and brick building is integrated with the fabric of the historic campus. The building itself picks up on the qualities of the architecture on campus, introducing stone and warm color brick integrated with wood doors and interior. Presenting a comfortable, welcoming image for new and prospective students, a large, light filled atrium space creates an interesting arrival point to the Niagara University Campus.

This building has certainly stood the test of time as it currently houses Niagara University’s Career Services and the Learn and Serve Niagara offices. Students continue to use this building more than 20 years later seeking hands-on opportunities in their future professions or in the community or both.

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Bailo Hall 
Niagara University
Niagara University, NY
Completed 1992